News October 2018 Commodity Corner

October 2018 Commodity Corner

October 2018 Commodity Corner
October 4, 2018 |


Auburn University is conducting a survey focused on potentially developing organic marketing in Alabama. The survey targets fruit, vegetable and nut producers and will determine issues growers face when certifying organic or using organic practices in general. Consumer and retailer surveys will be available soon. Visit to access the survey.

-Brian Hardin, Governmental & Ag Programs (GAP) Department director

Beef, Equine

The electronic logging device exemption for livestock haulers is extended through Dec. 7. There is language in the U.S. House and Senate Fiscal Year 19 appropriations bills to extend the exemption through Sept. 30, but those bills were not passed before the House recessed, resulting in the continuing resolution.

-Brian Hardin, GAP director

Forestry, Wildlife, Alabama TREASURE Forest Association

There are several landowner-focused events around the state this October. Check with your local Extension agent, Alabama Forestry Commission representative or visit to find the nearest landowner tour or seminar.

-William Green, divisions director

Pork, Poultry

Hurricane Florence and its aftermath killed over 4.1 million chickens and 5,500 hogs. The toll could increase as recovery efforts continue. In response to this tragedy, North Carolina Farm Bureau established the Florence Relief Fund, where contributions will support the state’s farmers and rural neighbors as communities recover. To learn more, visit

-Guy Hall, divisions director

Wheat & Feed Grain

Alabama winter wheat production was up 3 percent from 2017 to 7.92 million bushels, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Winter wheat planted acreage, at 160,000 acres, was up 10,000 acres from last year. However, yield was down 5 bushels to 72 bushels an acre. Oat production is up 58 percent from last year to 945,000 bushels, thanks to a 5,000-acre increase in harvested acreage.

-Carla Hornady, division director 


Watch the America’s Peanut Farmers video at Learn about America’s peanut farmers and their passion for farming and supplying consumers with an affordable, sustainable and nutritious product.

-Caleb Bristow, division director

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