News Online Claims Reporting Now A Click Away For Alfa Customers

Online Claims Reporting Now A Click Away For Alfa Customers

Online Claims Reporting Now A Click Away For Alfa Customers
June 22, 2009 |

Alfa Insurance is known for its excellent claims service, but reporting a claim just got even easier. Policyholders can now visit Alfa’s Web site ( and report a claim online.Once reported online, the claim is updated into Alfa’s claims system, assigned to an adjuster and serviced. That means policyholders won’t need to worry about calling their agent or stopping by the local office, because online claims reporting is available through the Internet 24/7.The information provided online quickly gets the claims process started. An adjuster will be in contact after the claim is reported to get further information and evaluate the loss.”We’re proud to offer this service and make it even easier for customers to report a claim to Alfa,” said Alfa Senior Vice President of Claims Jerry Johnson. “The time period after any event requiring a claim can be stressful and full of questions. We want to make sure customers have every option available to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.”This new customer service feature requires policyholders to know their policy number and answer a few other questions. Once a claim is reported online, it will be assigned to an Alfa adjuster and the process will be the same as always.
To report a claim online, go to Alfa’s Web site and click the “Report a Claim” button. First select the state where the property or automobile is insured.On the next page, click on the Online Application link to begin the process. It is important for policyholders to have their policy number and the zip code of their billing address readily available to report a claim online. Input those two pieces of information, along with the date and time of the loss, and continue through the steps.Alfa is committed to providing excellent customer service, especially when policyholders are in need, as with claims. In addition to online claims reporting, claims can be reported directly to any local Alfa office during normal business hours or by calling 1-800-964-2532 (available 24/7). For further information about the claims process, visit the Frequently Asked Questions area in the claims section of or contact any local Alfa office.

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