News Outstanding Young Farm Family – Poultry Division

Outstanding Young Farm Family – Poultry Division

Outstanding Young Farm Family – Poultry Division
July 26, 2005 |

Although his parents moved away from farming before he was born, Jonathan Burge shared their dream to one day go back and start a family farm. “They always wanted to get back in it,” Jonathan said, “but it was hard to actually get the money to buy a farm. It took them several years. When I was 13, they finally had the money and chased their dream,” Jonathan recalled.Jonathan has been involved in farming since his family moved to Randolph county 10 years ago. Their operation started with two poultry houses, but has grown to include five breeder hen houses, along with a small cattle herd, some horses and a recently added goat herd. Jonathan is now a partner in the farm with his dad, and they share the everyday duties of keeping their operation running.Laura, Jonathan’s wife, also helps around the farm, or as Jonathan says, “She’s just as much into it as I am.”If you ask Jonathan or Laura how long they intend to keep farming, you will get the same answer: “Till the day I die.” They have already begun exposing their five-year-old son, Jade, to the family farm. Jonathan says his son tries to help when he can.”He does a pretty good job when he can help out,” Jonathan said.Jonathan doesn’t plan on expanding his poultry operation but does look to increase his cattle and goat operations. He currently runs a herd of about 20 beef cows and 60 goats. The farm was honored in 2001 as a Farm of Distinction by the Randolph County Farm-City Committee.
Jonathan and Laura credit Jonathan’s parents for the farm’s success.”There is no way I could have done it without them,” Jonathan said. “I wouldn’t have the success or even have been able to farm if it wasn’t for them.”

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