News Protect Personal Property With Renters Policy

Protect Personal Property With Renters Policy

Protect Personal Property With Renters Policy
April 21, 2013 |

Furnishing a home or apartment can carry a hefty price tag, and personal items take years to accumulate. Renters can find protection for those valuables through Alfa Insurance.

Rex Seabrook, Alfa’s Property and Casualty Underwriting manager, said many tenants are unaware their belongings aren’t covered by their landlord’s policy.

“Renters insurance provides valuable protection for our customers at an affordable rate,” Seabrook said. “Not only does it provide property coverage for their contents in a rented home or apartment, but it provides important liability protection both on and off the premises.”

Alfa Agent Gary Chinberg of Troy said he saw the value renters insurance when a customer, a student at the University of Alabama, had his apartment burglarized eight months after purchasing a policy.

“Some of his Daniel Moore Alabama football prints were stolen, which are valuable collectors’ prints,” Chinberg said. “They also took a computer and quite a bit of personal belongings. Our customer was able to replace the prints, and he was very satisfied.”

Agent Greg Parrish of Auburn said he understands the importance of tenants protecting their property.

“I’m in a college town, and I see many tenants who don’t have the protection they need,” Parrish said. “People often don’t realize how much money it would cost to replace their belongings, and that’s where renters insurance can help. These policies protect personal belongings in case of fire or theft. I strongly encourage my clients who rent to purchase a policy. They are affordable and provide valuable protection.“

Seabrook said the cost of a renters insurance policy is well-worth the price.

“Depending on terms and conditions, some of these policies can be purchased for as low as $10 per month,” Seabrook said. “Also, it should be noted that purchasing renters insurance allows our customers to begin their continuous service clock ticking with Alfa. This is important because as time moves on, tenured customers receive deeper discounts on their property insurance. These discounts can make a big difference when they purchase their first home. Customers can even receive combo discounts when they also insure their autos with Alfa.”

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