Recipes April 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

April 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

April 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re anything like me, the coming of spring brings lots of planning for our Easter menu. After a dreary winter, everyone looks forward to bright new twists on our favorite dishes. This month, I’m sharing a few items to inspire you. My hope is you will take these recipes, make them your own and add them to your family traditions for years to come. 

Freshen up a classic by roasting green beans in the oven. Even the pickiest of eaters love these! Roasting the beans intensifies the flavor, brings out the natural sweetness and leaves the beans with more texture than traditional methods. Make them even better by adding just a few simple seasonings. 

If it’s decadence you’re looking for, Cheesiest Mac and Cheese for a Crowd is the ticket. This creamy, cheesy concoction calls for 6 whole cups of cheese and makes enough to feed a handful of folks. I usually opt for a triple cheddar blend of store-bought shredded cheese, but most any cheddar should work — so see what you have on hand first. You can also grate your own, if you’d like.

When it comes to dessert, pound cake is classic. For Almond Pound Cake, I took one of my favorite pound cake recipes and gave it an almond-flavored makeover. I added almond extract to the cake itself and to the glaze and topped it with sliced almonds. Can you tell I like almond? If you’re not a fan, replace it with vanilla, and you’ll have a fantastic butter pound cake. Pound cakes are better after a day or two, so I recommend making it the day before. As a bonus, this will mean less work on the day of your big meal. 

I know you’re looking forward to gathering with family as much as I am. These special occasions are made even more so in light of the past year. I hope these recipes, mixed in with treasured ones from your family, will help bring in a new season of joy and togetherness in all our lives.