Recipes Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2022

Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2022

Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2022

Welcome back, friends! I must admit: Writing this month’s column is bittersweet for me because it is all about back-to-school recipes — the ones that require minimal ingredients and don’t take much time, which makes getting supper on the table quick and easy.

Our son, Jack, just about towers over us at this point, and each new school year is a reminder that we don’t have too many years left before he’s grown. I will never get over how fast the years have flown by. Of course, this is all the motivation I need to get supper done a little faster so I can spend more time at the table before he flies the coop and goes off to college! (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.)

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Beef Enchilada Crescent Roll-Ups are an easy, stick-to-your-ribs weeknight meal perfect to mix up Taco Tuesday. I like to add a dollop of sour cream on top of mine. Jack always adds extra cheese, while my wife likes additional lettuce. I love versatile meals like this one that can make everyone happy.

Easy Stovetop Chicken Pasta is perfect for hotter days when you really don’t want to heat up the kitchen. It has those flavors we love of creamy Velveeta and RO*TEL Tomatoes, with an added shortcut of precooked chicken, all cooked right on the stovetop. You can go from prepping to sitting down to eat this classic dinner in about 30 minutes. 

This month’s treasured recipe from a member of the Alabama Farmers Federation family comes from Kim Slay, who shares her Tex-Mex Casserole. This is a favorite across the board with her family, and I know it will be with yours as well. The Slays raise livestock and greenhouse tomatoes in Chambers County and originally shared this recipe in the August 2000 Neighbors. 

As farm families juggle a new school year for their children and grandchildren while still tending their crops and livestock, let’s raise a glass of iced tea and toast to a great school year ahead!