Recipes Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2023

Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2023

Farmhouse Kitchen, August 2023

As we ease back into the school season, I like to share quick and easy weeknight meals. For my family, this time of year marks a return to evening homework, our son’s football games and a lot less free time. As a result, I try to make the best use of every moment. Limited time together means sitting down for supper — no matter how crazy the schedule — becomes a focal point. You’ll never regret time spent with your family, especially while your kids are young.

Chicken remains one of the most budget-friendly meats. Easy Chicken with Cream Cheese Pan Sauce is loaded with flavor, and even though it’s simple to make, it tastes like far more work went into it. The seasoning from the chicken, pan drippings, chicken broth, cream cheese and just a hint of mustard creates a decadent sauce you’ll want to pour over everything on your plate.

Whereas chicken is the top choice for meals today, that place was held by ground beef during my childhood. Cheesy Hamburger Skillet brings me back to growing up when dishes like this were all the rage. This recipe has three things going for it that have made it a staple: It’s cheap, easy and delicious. 

Just so you know, while I enjoy fresh produce and from-scratch dishes, I’m never going to swear off convenience foods like brown gravy mix and canned condensed soups. Sure, there are probably more wholesome options, but sometimes we have to take into consideration our time and budget and cut ourselves some slack. Believe me, sometimes sitting down with your family for a home-cooked meal is far more important than worrying over some ingredients. 

Last but not least, we have a recipe from Alabama Farmers Federation family member Tammy Thompson of Dale County. Her Taco Rice is the perfect weeknight meal and was one of her three kids’ favorite meals when they were growing up. I bet her grandkids are fans, too! You can dress it up with your favorite taco toppings or eat as is. Both are just as delicious.

I hope this coming season holds untold blessings for you and yours. Until next month, may your supper be hot and your hearts be warm!