Recipes February 2015 Country Kitchen

February 2015 Country Kitchen

February 2015 Country Kitchen

It’s February, which means it’s time to celebrate those we love on Valentine’s Day. What better way to show your love to a sweetheart, grandkids or friends than a batch of homemade cookies?

Generations of cooks have invented and reinvented the cookie, creating a seemingly endless list of options to try. Everyone has a favorite.

For State Women’s Leadership Committee Vice Chairman Regina Carnes, traditional chocolate chip cookies have always served her family well. Regina and her husband, Mike, who raise poultry and cattle in Boaz, have been married 37 years.

“I didn’t grow up cooking much, so when we married, I had to learn fast,” Regina said. “We always had meals at home, and at lunch, Mike would come in and ask, ‘Would you make a batch of those chocolate chip cookies?’”

Regina quickly learned to double her recipe, roll the dough into balls and freeze it for easy access. 

Vacations were not complete without her famous cookies, either. 

“I would always cook a big pan of chocolate chip cookies to carry with us,” she said. 

Regina and Mike have two daughters and a grandson, born in November. Regina hopes he will enjoy the benefits of being raised on a farm, including her homemade cookies. 

“We’re a close family,” Regina said. “We’ve instilled in our kids that whatever they do, they should do it 110 percent and do it right. I hope our grandson learns the value of farming — there’s a lot of kids that grow up not knowing where their food comes from. So we hope he appreciates it. And we hope he might grow up to continue what we started.”