Recipes January 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

January 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

January 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

Welcome to 2021.

That feels strange to type — but aren’t we glad it’s here?!

We all know 2020 brought new challenges and experiences, and I hope we’re all excited to tackle a new year.

One big, new change in my life was the chance to be a part of “Simply Southern TV” with a new cooking segment to share my favorite recipes and stories. 

Last summer, the “Simply Southern TV” crew spent over a week in the test kitchen with me shooting 26 segments for your viewing pleasure. We couldn’t be happier with what’s in store for y’all!

The new season begins airing Jan. 3 and wouldn’t be possible without a scad of awesome sponsors like the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Catfish Division, Pork Division and Wheat & Feed Grain Division; Alabama Peanut Producers Association; Alabama Cattlemen’s Association; Alabama Poultry & Egg Association; and Sweet Grown Alabama.

Whenever recipes sponsored by these folks pop up in the Farmhouse Kitchen this year, they’ll receive an extra highlight and link to the “Simply Southern TV” episode so you can get an inside look at preparing some of those delicious dishes.

In the South, food means connection — to the ancestors who taught us to cook and to the land that provides a fertile foundation for growing food. It was neat to further connect with food by working with and for the farmers who grow it. I’m sure thankful these producers were willing to sponsor these segments and that they continue to work to provide safe, healthy, affordable food for you and me.

2021 can’t help but be different, but some things are still the same, including my favorite recipes. This month, I’m throwing it back to three classic, filling, delicious recipes your family will love. From Buttermilk Biscuits to Pecan Chewies to Chicken Bog, there’s plenty for y’all to enjoy!