Recipes May 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

May 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

May 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

With Alabama’s strawberry season in full swing, it seemed obvious that this month’s Farmhouse Kitchen had to include one of my most beloved fruits…strawberries! 

Did you know the average person eats 3.4 pounds of fresh strawberries every year? I’ll admit I probably consume more than my fair share, but they’re just so good.

Whether you’re grabbing strawberries from the grocery store or a great roadside stand, or going to a U-pick, I have a handful of delicious recipes to make use of that bounty of beautiful berries.

My Best Strawberry Sheet Cake is exactly as it implies. Pureed strawberries — with a little help from some strawberry gelatin — give this light, moist cake its classic pink hue and delicious strawberry flavor. To make it even better, we add both of those helpers to the cream cheese icing, too. It’s a family favorite that I bet your family will dig into, as well.

While Strawberry Cobbler might not be the first cobbler you think of, this version may be my absolute favorite. When I want cobbler, I want a lot of cake-y dumplings in the mix, and this one fits that bill perfectly. It takes a little extra time to put this together, but it’s worth every minute. Pair this with vanilla ice cream or pour a little heavy cream over the dish for a dessert sure to make you smile.

Now, Fresh Strawberry Pie is my wife’s preferred way to eat the delicious red fruit. If you’ve ever enjoyed the strawberry pie at Shoney’s, you’re going to love this one. And for those of you watching your sugar intake, this pie can be made low sugar by swapping a few ingredients for low sugar counterparts. Check out my notes for the details. 

And last, but certainly not least, Strawberry Jam Pound Cake is my newest strawberry star. This seriously might be my most delicious pound cake ever. It’s packed with strawberry deliciousness by way of fresh strawberries, strawberry extract and melted strawberry jam. The jam also helps to keep the cake moist and gives it a great color. 

So whichever recipe cranks your tractor, grab a couple pounds of Alabama-grown strawberries and whip up something delicious. Y’all enjoy!