Recipes Recipe List: “December 1, Party Rib Roast

Party Rib Roast

Party Rib Roast
Party Rib Roast

Party Rib Roast


Boneless rib roast
Italian dressing
Dale’s steak sauce
Seasoned salt
Seasoned pepper
Fresh limes
Fresh lemons
Bell pepper
Romaine lettuce


Take boneless rib roast and trim off excess fat. Cut roast length-wise into two equal pieces. Place pieces into marinating pan and squeeze one or two limes over roast. Sprinkle seasoned pepper over entire roast. Next pour Italian dressing over roast, add small amount of Dale’s sauce, sliced onion rings and marinate overnight. Place on hot grill and sear lightly on all sides. Garnish meat with lemons, limes, onion, tomatoes and bell pepper slices. Reduce heat and cook until desired doneness. Salt to taste. Slice meat, arrange on tray, garnish with lettuce, lemons, limes, onions and bell pepper as desired. Serve with small petite dinner rolls and deli mustard or favorite condiments. –Jim Cravey Commodity Department