Recipes Recipe List: “February 1,

Recipe List: “February 1,

Recipe List: “February 1,
Recipe List: “February 1,

In a letter to “The Country Kitchen,” Anne Woodham of Eufaula wrote: “I recently realized, after years of enjoying your recipes, that the best cook in Barbour County has never been featured.”

That cook was Dimple Zorn, “who is known for her wonderful 13-layer chocolate cake, divinity and Brunswick stew, to name a few,” Mrs. Woodham stated.

Mrs. Zorn was shocked that she’d been “nominated” for “Country Kitchen” honors–until she discovered who had submitted her name.

“Anne Woodham?” she said. “Oh! That’s my daughter.”

Nevertheless, it is a nomination that’s well deserved, and all of her family, friends and neighbors will attest to that. The secret to her cooking and baking success? “A whole lot of experience,” she says.

Mrs. Zorn–yes, Dimple is her given name, and, no, she doesn’t have dimple–and her husband of 52 years, Willie Ray, raised two daughters and a son on their peanut and cattle farm in Clayton. The three now-grown children live relatively close by, giving Mrs. Zorn plenty of opportunity to treat her five grandsons to grandma’s fine cooking.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Zorn is having to take a bit of a break from cooking–and almost everything else–right now, as she recuperates from extensive back surgery she underwent in early January, just one day after sending these fantastic recipes in for Neighbors readers to enjoy. To Mrs. Zorn, all the best for a full recovery and many happy returns to the kitchen.