News Shocking the Competition

Shocking the Competition

Shocking the Competition
July 31, 2013 |

Brazen bulls attempting an escape may change directions after a run-in with a shocking east Alabama business product.

“Our goal is to manufacture the best fence charger in the world,” said Mark Taylor, whose father, Donald, started Taylor Fence Co. in 1998. “We buy most of our parts locally and assemble each charger by hand to guarantee a final product of higher quality than any available on the market.”

Mark, a member of the St. Clair County Farmers Federation, said his father spent his retired years traveling north Alabama repairing broken fence chargers. Donald Taylor opened the business after deciding there was a market for a superior electric fence charger.

Mark bought the business in 2008 and continued to improve designs his father spent years perfecting.

Mark’s son, Alex, manages daily operations of the company, including repairs and shipping. Alex said he takes pride in customer satisfaction, adding that word-of-mouth is the company’s best advertising.

Jackson County Farmers Federation member Clay Kennamer is a good example.

Kennamer owns Kennamer Livestock Co., and said he has used Cyclops Fence Chargers for nearly 12 years.

“I have five of the Taylors’ fence chargers right now,” Kennamer said. “I would recommend the chargers to anyone who plans to keep a lot of cattle. I have been impressed with the charger’s durability and resistance to weeds and briars that hinder the effectiveness of ordinary fence chargers.”

The Taylors’ first chargers were designed to eliminate problems characteristic of chargers Donald frequently repaired for others.

Mark said the early years in the family business were trying. Those obstacles, he said, made it hard to imagine the goal of becoming an international competitor could materialize.

The company now offers 13 models ranging from $125-$900, with a power range from 1.5 to 32 joules for plug-in, battery- and solar-powered chargers. Each model is assembled and tested “under load,” the equivalent of a fence with a heavy weeds on it, before it’s offered for sale.

The unique design of the Cyclops chargers includes two fuses, one for the power cord to protect the transformer from lightning damage and one connected to the fence.

“At Taylor Fence, we’ve always worked to make our customers happy,” Alex said. “We have a product with a good reputation and a repair policy second to none. We know timely repair is as important to our customers as durability in the field, so we do what we say we will do – and more.”

Mark said he would like to eventually offer a universal wireless remote control for customers to use on new and existing Cyclops Fence Chargers, a project he’s working on in his spare time.

Contact Alex Taylor at (205) 594-5971 or, or visit for more information.

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