News Simply Southern Now On RFD-TV, Tuesday Nights At 6

Simply Southern Now On RFD-TV, Tuesday Nights At 6

Simply Southern Now On RFD-TV, Tuesday Nights At 6
April 1, 2017 |

A new partnership with national network RFD-TV will expose people across the country to “Simply Southern TV,” a show produced by the Alabama Farmers Federation and Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC).

Tune in to RFD-TV Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Central Time to relive the first season of “Simply Southern TV.” Each 30-minute episode introduces viewers to unique and interesting parts of Alabama with segments on rural tourism, educational and community events, agriculture and gardening.

“This show has been one of the most effective public relations projects the Federation has initiated in the last 20 years,” said Jeff Helms, Federation Communications director and “Simply Southern TV” executive producer. “By offering a mix of stories, we hope to entertain and educate viewers while still appealing to the core membership bases of the Federation and AFC. We’re looking forward to the new partnership with RFD-TV.”

AFC Public Relations Director Jim Allen plays a dual role with the show as executive producer and co-host.

“I’m fired up to promote Alabama on television again,” Allen said. “I’ve worked closely with the Federation through the years and, believe me, ‘Simply Southern TV’ is a perfect union of two of the most respected agricultural organizations in the Southeast.”

AFC’s Samantha Carpenter is responsible for community and educational reports. Sidney Phelps handles gardening reports sponsored by his employer, Bonnie Plants. From the Federation staff, Kevin Worthington serves as director and reporter, Matt Wilson is the producer, and Mary Johnson is co-host and reporter.

Find out more at Follow the crew’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram by search for Simply Southern TV.

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