News TREASURE Forest Tags Available For Pre-Order

TREASURE Forest Tags Available For Pre-Order

TREASURE Forest Tags Available For Pre-Order
June 27, 2016 |

Alabamians who love the outdoors will have a great way to show it by purchasing a newly re-designed Alabama TREASURE Forest Association (ATFA) license plate. The plates recently received approval from the Alabama Legislative Oversight Committee.

ATFA is required to pre-sell 1,000 tags by May 31, 2017, before they are manufactured. The $50 tag fee, payable to the state Department of Revenue, is tax deductible.

“The funds from the sale of this tag will help us educate the next generation of Alabamians, forest landowners, school children and others about the importance of well-managed forests,” said Alabama Farmers Federation Forestry Division Director Rick Oates. “This tag will be a vehicle for preserving both the environment and economy of our great state.”

There are 23 million acres of timberland in Alabama, accounting for more than 69 percent of the state’s land area. Of that acreage, 87 percent is owned by non-industrial, private landowners, according to the Alabama Forestry Commission.

“These forests provide valuable resources that directly affect the quality of life of every Alabamian,” Oates said. “They provide wood products we depend on every day. These same forests also provide habitat for wildlife, clean the air, purify water, protect valuable topsoil and provide scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. For all these reasons, Alabama’s forests are vital.”

For information about the tag, visit or contact William Green of the Federation at (334) 612-5235.

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