News Virtual Field Trips Held Each Friday

Virtual Field Trips Held Each Friday

Virtual Field Trips Held Each Friday
April 8, 2020 |

How do peanuts grow? When do Alabama farmers grow different fruits and vegetables? What’s the difference between a cow, a bull and a calf?

Alabama farmers will answer those questions and more during Virtual Field Trips offered through Facebook Live on the Alabama Farmers Federation Facebook page Fridays at 10 a.m. through May 22.

“Parents and their children are making huge adjustments as their homes become classrooms, and we want to help by offering entertaining and educational field trips from some of our farmers,” said Jeff Helms, the Federation’s Communications Department director. “While these videos will target third- through fifth-graders, people of all ages will learn more about how farmers grow food, fiber and timber.”

Viewers are encouraged to ask questions through the comment section, and each video will include links to educational activities.

Scheduled topics are:

April 10 – Fruits and vegetables
April 17 – Beef cattle
April 24 – Honeybees
May 1 – Catfish
May 8 – Greenhouse and nursery products
May 15 – Forestry
May 22 – Cotton and other row crops

To receive Facebook notifications about the Virtual Field Trips, respond as “Interested” in the event or follow the Alabama Farmers Federation page.

The Federation’s Mary Wilson encourages farmers to share the upcoming field trips on their personal and farm Facebook pages so members of their communities know to tune in.

“I know this is uncharted territory for a lot of parents and students. By Fridays at 10 in the morning, parents might be at the end of their rope trying to figure out what they’ll do to keep the kids engaged,” said Wilson, the Federation’s director of news services. “Also, I hope viewers will share photos of them participating in the additional activities that we link to in the tours. They’ll be fun and educational for the entire family!”

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