Recipes April 2015 Country Kitchen

April 2015 Country Kitchen

April 2015 Country Kitchen

Beef is one of America’s favorite meats, and it’s easy to see (and taste) why. In addition to its incredible variety — 29 different cuts — and its rich taste, healthy portions of lean beef provide several essential nutrients like protein, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins B12 and B6, iron and thiamin. 

And whether you’re serving burgers, spaghetti or filet mignon, beef is always a crowd pleaser, which is why home cooks choose it for weeknight meals as well as special occasions.

Thanks to the Junior and Senior High School Beef Cook-off, sponsored by the Alabama CattleWomen’s Association and the Beef Checkoff program, students in Alabama have been getting a head start in mastering the art of cooking beef for 54 years. 

At this year’s cook-off on Jan. 24 at Carver High School in Montgomery, 42 students from across the state qualified to compete by winning their county’s cook-off. Recipes ranged from simple slow-cooker meals to fancy French dishes. The winning dish, prepared by Joel Dobbins of Sardis High School in Etowah County, is extremely simple and easy to prepare, proving beef doesn’t need much help to be the centerpiece of a delicious meal. 

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