Recipes Farmhouse Kitchen, April 2022

Farmhouse Kitchen, April 2022

Farmhouse Kitchen, April 2022

Welcome back, friends! With spring in full bloom, I’m featuring a trio of beloved salad recipes. Ranging from a hearty full meal to a sweeter classic, these salads can easily make a simple supper feel like a full-on family reunion. 

Leading the pack this month is a personal favorite, Pasta Caesar Salad. I was first introduced to this meal-worthy salad at a locally owned restaurant. When they closed shop, I found I simply couldn’t live without this dish, so I made short work of recreating the recipe. It’s been on a regular rotation at my house ever since. This is great for a light meal, family luncheon or as your contribution to a larger potluck. 

Don’t you just love having a good refrigerator salad on standby during busy weeks? These heartier salads can be made on the weekend and enjoyed throughout the week as quick snacks, sandwich sides or starters for family suppers. Easy Broccoli Salad is perfect for this. My recipe balances the sharpness of onions with the sweetness of cranberries and adds in lots of extra crunch with the additions of bacon and sunflower kernels. Don’t want to make bacon? Grab a bag of real bacon pieces from the salad aisle instead.

This month, I’m proud to shine the spotlight on an Alabama Farmers Federation member and cook from Elmore County, Janice Whorton. She and her late husband, Don, were long-time dairy farmers, and her recipe for Buttermilk Salad (originally shared in the January 1992 Neighbors) is sure to be a favorite. The classic salad is one of those Southern favorites that walks the thin line between side dish and dessert. I like to treat it as a side so I can have dessert as well! In the good ole days, every granny had her own recipe for buttermilk salad, and I’ve loved them all.

Like me, you’re probably looking forward to warmer days outside with the family, enjoying nature and watching the sunset. With great recipes, good friends and beloved family, we’ve got all the fixings for a delicious spring.