Recipes Farmhouse Kitchen, July 2024

Farmhouse Kitchen, July 2024

Farmhouse Kitchen, July 2024

This time of year, there is nothing like taking a walk through a local farmers market where the air is filled with the smell of fresh-picked fruits and veggies. Neighbors readers know better than anyone that supporting local farmers means supporting our heritage, connecting with those who grow our food and benefiting from the delicious fruits of their labor.

With so many things going away in the name of convenience, I believe taking time to connect with those who grow our food is a part of life we should cling to. Nothing will ever compare to biting into a field-ripened juicy tomato or sticking your fork into a bowl of fresh summer salad to remind us what a blessing farmers are.

This month’s recipes offer plenty of excuses for you to visit local farm stands and partake of the best of this season’s offerings. If you needed an excuse to get out and about this weekend, clip these recipes and be on your merry way.

Leading the pack is a staple in my refrigerator this time of year: Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad. (We call it TOC for short.) Local cucumbers and tomatoes are always in abundance and provide that extra burst of magical flavor. This crowd favorite is (or should be) your go-to for every family gathering or summer Sunday supper.

I’m also sharing my recipe for Sweet Corn Salad with Bacon. Another summer must-have, this salad combines the sweetness of fresh sweet corn with the smokiness of bacon. The only way you can lose with this one would be by not making enough!

Last, but certainly not least, we have a treat from Alabama Farmers Federation family member Pat Randle. She and her husband, Frank, are farmers from Lee County, and she’s sharing her recipe for Fresh Blueberry Coffee Cake. Made entirely from scratch, this is one of those homemade recipes that tastes like it took far more work than it did. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t come back for seconds.

I hope you’ve got some great home-cooked meals in your future during this season of bounty. I just love it when blessings and gardens overflow.

See y’all next month! 

Stacey Little