Recipes Farmhouse Kitchen, October 2023

Farmhouse Kitchen, October 2023

Farmhouse Kitchen, October 2023

Welcome back, family! 

Can you believe we are headed into October already? With cooler temps — and Beef Month — knocking on our door, this column is all about stick-to-your-ribs, beefy dishes. No one will leave your table hungry with any of these recipes!

One of my personal favorite comfort foods is a sandwich made of tender, fall-apart, shredded roast beef, gravy and fixings. Mind you, this isn’t a regular ol’ roast beef sandwich. What makes it different is how super tender the meat is and all that delicious gravy. This is a gravy-running-down-your-arms kinda sandwich. You’ll seriously need some napkins. It sounds a little intimidating…but the good news is this is a slow cooker recipe. It’s as simple as set it, forget it, eat it.

To add more comfort to your meal plan, I highly recommend my Ultimate Classic Meatloaf. Now, I’m a big meatloaf fan, but I’ve had several different recipes I tended to rotate through — until I had a bright idea. I combined the things I loved the most of each of my meatloaf recipes into one dish, and Ultimate Classic Meatloaf was born. It’s sure to be a fast favorite in your house, as well. 

It’s always an honor to bring you a recipe from a member of the Alabama Farmers Federation family. This month, I’m grateful to Abby Smith for a superb Beefaroni recipe. She’s the daughter of Denise Henry from Montgomery County and originally shared this recipe in Neighbors in July 2006. Their family raises beef cattle — and you can tell they know their stuff. Y’all, this recipe is delicious. My family loved it when I made this so I could photograph it for this column.

As the shorter days of fall make their appearance on the horizon, I hope you find time to look after yourself, nurture precious family ties and savor the goodness of life.