Recipes January 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

January 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

January 2020 Farmhouse Kitchen

This time of year, my family is always looking for recipes that are warm and comforting. But after the decadence and hustle of the holidays, we also like for them to be easy and maybe a little lighter. So many times, soup just fits the bill for us. Soups are filling, relatively easy and can warm you through on those cold winter evenings. This month, I’m sharing some of my most favorite soup recipes with you.

Potlikker Soup combines so many of my favorite Southern foods all in one comforting bowl. Greens, black-eyed peas, ham and more give this dish its signature flavor. And though it’s not really made from the potlikker left after cooking greens, the flavors combine perfectly to give you that amazing taste. This one is perfect with some piping hot cornbread served beside it.

My mom makes seriously amazing vegetable beef soup, but it can take a full day to make when all is said and done. I wanted something with similar flavor that didn’t take so long. This Quick and Easy Vegetable Beef Soup has all the flavor of the classic dish but with a lot less work. Ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes and your other favorite veggies make up this hearty soup supper. Just make sure to add vinegar at the end. Vinegar might seem like an odd ingredient, but it gives this soup a punch of flavor that the short cook time could leave out.

If you can brown some meat and open a few cans, then you can make this easy peasy Taco Soup. This has been a cold weather favorite in my family for as long as I can remember. It packs a punch of flavor and takes just a few minutes to make. I love this served over white rice but have eaten it with corn chips as well. It’s even great just by itself. The shredded cheddar and sour cream on top are a must for me.

I also love a comforting creamy soup, and this Super Simple Broccoli Cheese Soup is just that. I developed this recipe with busy families in mind, so it comes together pretty quickly and doesn’t require a bunch of fancy ingredients or complicated techniques. Sometimes the best dishes are made with simple, straightforward ingredients, and you just can’t go wrong with cream, broccoli and cheese.

Seriously, there’s a soup here for just about everyone and every taste. Y’all are going to love how quick and easy these are, too. Grab a bowl and a spoon because soup’s on. Y’all enjoy!