Recipes November 2018 Farmhouse Kitchen

November 2018 Farmhouse Kitchen

November 2018 Farmhouse Kitchen

For years, the beloved recipes from Neighbors Magazine have played an integral role in family meals across Alabama. From simple weeknight suppers to elegant holiday dinners, recipes found within these pages have been clipped, shared and used over and over until the paper wore thin. I remember my own mother having a host of recipes she’d cut from the pages and pinned to a small cork board she had nailed to the inside of our pantry door.

Today, as a new page is turned in the rich history that is Neighbors, it’s an honor to be a part of the legacy of helping families get delicious food on the table. And there’s no greater month to begin this journey than November — the month of giving thanks.

A few years back, my wife was on call at the hospital one Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t make the trip to my grandparents’ like usual on account that she had to be close in case they needed her. Knowing we didn’t need a whole turkey, I did a bone-in turkey breast in the slow cooker for the three of us. We liked it so much, when we returned to my grandparents’ the following year, I just did a couple turkey breasts for the entire family rather than a whole turkey. Everyone just loved it.

The slow cooker helps keep the meat super juicy and frees up space in the oven for the must-have casseroles. Speaking of casseroles, my Ultimate Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Corn Spoonbread are both recipes that make recurring appearances on our table every year. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.

And we can’t forget the pie. This Cream Cheese Pecan Pie is a fun, delicious twist on the classic. And it’s so fun to see how the cream cheese layer starts on the bottom but rises to the top when it bakes.

Here’s wishing you plenty of delicious dishes this Thanksgiving and even more opportunities to realize just how fortunate we all are. Y’all enjoy!

Stacey Little is a foodie, recipe developer and cookbook author whose Southern Bite blog helps families put simple, down-to-earth food on the table while preserving Southern cooking for future generations. See more recipes at