Recipes Summer 2003 Friends & Family

Summer 2003 Friends & Family

Summer 2003 Friends & Family

Alabama is blessed with an abundant and diverse selection of homegrown foods. And never is that more evident than summer.

Whether you are in the mood for zesty barbecue, crispy catfish or a glass of ice-cold milk, Alabama farmers can satisfy your craving. In this edition of “The Country Kitchen,” we salute the men and women who produce three of the state’s most basic commodities.

In honor of June Dairy Month, July Pork Month and August Catfish Month, we’ve included some of our favorite recipes from these commodities’ websites. You’ll be hooked when you try Lemon Grilled Catfish, and Plantation-Style Pork Chops will make your friends and family squeal with delight. To get things started at your summertime cookout, try Nacho Chicken-Cheese Spread.

To top things off, we’ve paired these dairy, pork and catfish recipes with some fabulous side dishes and desserts from the kitchens of three Alabama Farmers Federation members.

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