Recipes May 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

May 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

May 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

By Stacey Little

With the onset of summer, folks are looking for quick, easy and healthy ideas for quick meals and grab-and-go snacks. Fortunately, May is National Egg Month, and this staple is a budget-friendly ingredient that can transform into whatever the occasion calls for!

I’m excited to bring you some of my favorite egg recipes this month. Eggs are a protein powerhouse, with 9 grams of protein in just one large egg. They’re a great choice for all of us, from on-the-go youngsters to us older folks looking for a heart-healthy or even keto diet.

You know we can’t share egg recipes without talking deviled eggs. I make mine just a bit different than most, opting for black pepper rather than the popular paprika and substituting dill instead of sweet pickle relish.

One question I’m asked most often regarding deviled eggs is how to cook them so they are easy to peel. There are two keys to having perfectly peeled eggs: egg age and cooking method. For an easily peeled egg, it’s best if your eggs aren’t too fresh. I put mine back a week or two ahead of time as that can make a significant difference.

The real game changer is cooking method. While most of our moms likely boiled eggs on the stovetop, today’s cooks have discovered steaming eggs is the way to go for shells that peel like a dream. If you have an Instant Pot, simply use the steam setting. However, you might want to treat yourself to one of those new budget-friendly countertop egg cookers, which also use steam to cook the eggs. Our little countertop cooker has become a favorite of the whole family, and boiled eggs are now a popular snack and quick breakfast in my home. Considering how economical and nutritious eggs are, this is a win all around. If you don’t have either appliance, don’t worry. I’ve included instructions for steaming them on the stovetop.

Whenever I have a busy week ahead, I love to whip up a quiche or two to keep at the ready in the fridge. Whereas scrambled eggs don’t reheat well, a slice of quiche reheats in the microwave as if it were freshly made. It’s simple to customize ingredients to your tastes, so add whatever you’d want in an omelet. This low-fuss dish should be in every cook’s arsenal as it makes a great breakfast, lunch or last-minute supper.

Last, but certainly not least, when it comes to comfort food, eggs deliver. My Bacon and Eggs Tater Tot Casserole will bring ‘em running to the table with its layers of crispy tots, smoky bacon and cheesy egg goodness. While it looks like I went all in making this, looks are deceiving, as it takes minutes to throw together. 

Next time you’re in the grocery (or at the coop), grab a few extra eggs, and let this versatile ingredient make mealtime easy and delicious.