Recipes October 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

October 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

October 2021 Farmhouse Kitchen

One of the things I love most about Neighbors is the focus on Alabama farmers and the ability to get to know many of them in each issue. One of those farmers, Joe Bradley, returned to the family farm in Randolph County back in 1994 after retiring from the Air Force. His farm produces hay, row crops, cattle and a small drove of pigs. 

As we know, generational farmers never left the “slow food” movement that many of our younger generations are admirably returning to, and the Bradley family is no different. They raise and harvest much of their own meat, with pork being a family favorite. 

“I just love the taste of pork,” he said. “I always have, being a farm boy. Pork is a staple. It’s economical to raise and is a good source of protein.”

One of his favorite ways to use pork is by making pork burgers, so that inspired me to share a few of my favorite pork recipes. With that in mind, I have three that have always been home runs in my house. I just know they will earn you a few gold stars as well this October Pork Month!

I don’t know about you, but the thought of a thick and juicy pork chop sets my mouth to watering. My secret to juicy and flavorful Skillet Chops with French Onion Gravy begins by searing them in oil and butter first. Then, I mix up a savory onion gravy to finish them off. The result is lip-smacking deliciousness. 

Praline Bacon is my go-to when I want to up the ante on gift giving. There is nothing more decadent than praline-coated smoked bacon. If this sounds strange to you, you’ve probably never had it. If your mouth is watering reading this, you most certainly have. 

Last, but not least, is my busy morning recipe for Ham, Egg and Cheese Biscuit Wafflewiches. With just a can of biscuits, some sliced ham, scrambled eggs, cheese and a waffle iron, you’ve got a hearty breakfast to rival your favorite drive-thru. I’ve been known to make a batch of these on the weekend and freeze them in a plastic bag. They reheat beautifully back in the waffle iron.

I’m grateful to share recipes from my own recipe box with you each month. My hope is you find a few favorites to add to your own box and enjoy more delicious meals around the dinner table with the ones you love most.