Recipes September 2019 Farmhouse Kitchen

September 2019 Farmhouse Kitchen

September 2019 Farmhouse Kitchen

Regardless of which team holds your allegiance, when football season rolls around, we Southerners like to pull out all the stops when it comes to tailgating. And while your tailgating might happen outside the stadium or in the backyard, great food and drinks are required. I’ve collected a few of my most perfect pigskin provisions to help make your game day a stellar one, no matter who wins!

Turnip Green Dip is one of my favorite tailgate recipes because it’s different, delicious and delightfully easy. It’s like spinach dip but with even more amazing flavor. Alfredo sauce makes it super simple to put together and gives the dip a creamy flavor that can’t be beat. I love to serve it with pork skins for a twist, but it also goes great with tortilla chips, veggies, etc.

Cheesy Sausage Dip takes a nod from its classic counterpart but adds corn and swaps plain ol’ breakfast sausage for ground bulk Italian sausage — which really kicks the flavor up a notch or two. You can even use spicy sausage to add a little heat to the mix. Once I started making cheese dip this way, I’ve never gone back. I think you might feel the same way.

These Pulled Pork and Collard Green Egg Rolls with Alabama White BBQ Dipping Sauce might take a little more work than the recipes you’re used to getting from me, but they’re 100% worth the extra effort. I give you instructions to make pulled pork in your slow cooker, but you can also stop by your favorite local barbecue spot and grab a few pounds of their unsauced pulled pork to make it even easier.

To be honest, Dill Pickle Dip may sound a bit peculiar. But if you’re a fan of pickles and creamy chip dip, you’ll love this one. Since it’s a cinch to put together and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand, it’s perfect for last-minute tailgates or when folks unexpectedly stop by to catch the game with us.  

While I won’t tell you who to pull for when it’s game time, I do know you’ll need to have something delicious ready to snack on. And now you’re one step ahead with these delicious recipes. Y’all enjoy!