Recipes June 2015 Country Kitchen

June 2015 Country Kitchen

June 2015 Country Kitchen

Conecuh Sausage is one of Alabama’s most well-known products and is a favorite for cooks throughout the state and beyond. In addition to being sold in stores all over the Southeast, Conecuh has made its way from Evergreen to the Midwest and New England. 

What makes the sausage so popular is simply the flavor and quality, said Sheliah Sessions, who helps husband John Crum Sessions run the family business. 

“It makes you feel great that you produce a product like that,” Sheliah said. “The taste is what makes it so special. John Crum’s father and grandfather came up with the recipe, and their hard work has made this so successful. You just have to work at it all the time.”

The Sessions’ routine involves cooking and eating a lot of Conecuh Sausage, and Sheliah said she wouldn’t have it any other way.  

“I love it,” she said. “We never get tired of eating it.”

After 35 years of cooking with Conecuh, Sheliah has come up with hundreds of ways to use the versatile sausage. Naturally, when the family decided to include recipes on their website, Sheliah was tasked with writing down her favorites. Once she had compiled them, she hired a professional photographer to spend a day with her in the kitchen. 

“I got up at 4 a.m. and had to cook all the recipes, and the photographer took the pictures right there in my kitchen,” Sheliah said. “Then, we had a bunch of people over to eat all of that food.”

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