Recipes August 2006 Issue

August 2006 Issue

August 2006 Issue

“Family is just fun,” says Linda Wallace of Colbert County who views her country kitchen as one way to show her family how much she appreciates them.

“I have three children and four grandchildren, and they all know that come lunchtime Sunday, the food will be here,” says Linda.

Linda says she cherishes those Sunday lunches with her family because no matter how busy their lives may be that week, they always know they have at least one opportunity to be together.

Linda and her husband, Jerald, have a cattle and hay farm and recreational catfish ponds in Colbert County where he serves on the Colbert County Farmers Federation’s board of directors.

Linda says she also enjoys the variety that comes with farm living.

“There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure,” she said. “You never know what surprises a day on the farm may hold. Some neighbor may need your help with something, and you know it’s appreciated because those same neighbors are there to help you.”

She also adds that she and Jerald occasionally get to enjoy the help of their grandchildren on the farm.

“They love to help feed the cows, and they’d do just about anything to get to ride across the pasture in the back of their Paw-Paw’s truck,” she says.
She and Jerald traveled across the South this June with the Federation’s Beef Tour, a trip she says they both were glad they took.

“I can’t even say what was best about the trip because we saw such a variety of things. From the prison ranch in Arkansas to the sweetest family along the Chisholm Trail, we saw something wonderful and learned something new everyday. And I enjoyed it, but Jerald really enjoyed it,” says Linda.

Linda says she learned cooking basics in her mother’s kitchen, but is also grateful for the help her mother-in-law gave her.

“She was one of the most patient people in the world when it came to helping me understand how to cook well. She really took time with me, and I always appreciated that,” says Linda.

Though she enjoys meals with her children and grandchildren on a regular basis, holidays bring a big treat for Linda.

“My brother and sisters join us during holidays. We’ll have more than 30 people gathered together, and we never need a menu. Each one brings their specialty and everything seems to come together fine,” she says.

In addition to her family get-togethers, Linda also looks forward every year to their two community picnics.

“Every Fourth of July and Labor Day we provide the catfish and everyone brings a dish or two. The men fry fish and hush puppies. We have about 100 people attend, and there are swings and games of horseshoes, and sometimes entertainment, but mostly just visiting with neighbors and tasting each others’ recipes,” says Linda.

Linda shares a couple of cool treats perfect for the hot days of August as well as her Chicken Spaghetti, which she says will feed a crowd. She also adds that her Chocolate Cobbler often receives rave reviews.