Recipes November 2011 Neighbors Country Kitchen

November 2011 Neighbors Country Kitchen

November 2011 Neighbors Country Kitchen

Charlene Roney of Houston County always said she’d never marry a farmer.
“So don’t ever say what you’re not going to do,” she laughs.

After 36 years of marriage to her farmer husband, Sammy, Charlene has long eaten those words and now serves on the Houston County Farmers Federation Women’s Leadership Committee herself, embracing the life she once eschewed.

“My husband and his family have always grown cotton, and he grows peanuts and raises beef cattle,” says Charlene, who does the farm’s bookkeeping and keeps her three grandchildren.

“I came home so my daughters could work, and our son Josh works on the farm with Sammy,” she explains.

Sammy also serves on the Houston County Farmers Federation board of directors.

Having so much family around the farm means Charlene has plenty of opportunities to cook for those she loves.

“Josh lives on another property we farm, but he usually comes by for breakfast before he and Sammy start the day, and I cook lunch every day for both of them and the grandkids,” says Charlene, who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her fourth grandchild due in December. “To have them all here with me so often is a blessing,” she adds.

The recipes Charlene shares this month reflect her love of friends and family, and many are perfect for the upcoming holidays. For family breakfasts, the blender makes quick work of mixing up Buttermilk Flapjacks, a recipe Charlene got from her sister-in-law. And Charlene includes two of her family’s traditional Christmas dishes.

“Our neighbors, Pat and Wayne, gave us their recipe for Brunswick stew years ago. We make a big pot of it every year for Christmas Eve with our family, and any that is left over freezes well. And I always make Never Fail Divinity at Christmas, and it is never fail,” she says.