Recipes Recipe List: “January 1,

Recipe List: “January 1,

Recipe List: “January 1,

OK. Just this once, you’re going to have to humor me. Since January 1991, when that first “Country Kitchen” column appeared in Neighbors, I have been on a ceaseless search for Alfa Farmers members who are good cooks, who have great recipes and who are willing to share some of their favorites in Neighbors.

The vast majority of those I’ve homed in on truly have seemed to enjoy being cook-of-the-month. Through the years, however, there have been those—only a handful, mind you—who’ve wound up in “The Country Kitchen” only after a great deal of coaxing, prodding, begging and maybe even bribing. And there have even been some who’ve told me basically to go away.

Frankly, every time that happens, I’m amazed. I’ve always thought it would be great fun to share the recipes you love with thousands of other folks across the state. “I’ve even said to myself, “I wish somebody would call me and ask me for some of my favorite recipes.”

Apparently, nobody’s ever going to do that. So, this month, I’m just going to take my turn. Though most of my favorite recipes are ones I’ve gotten from “The Country Kitchen,” I do have a few others on my list, and it’s high time I passed them along to you.

In this assortment of uncomplicated, Creamer-family favorites, I hope you’ll find at least one that will wind up on your “best recipes” list.

My sincerest thanks for letting me get this out of my system. I hope you’ll enjoy these recipes half as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

And don’t worry; I won’t be so presumptuous as to spotlight my own favorite recipes again. Well, at least, not unless somebody asks me to.