Recipes Recipe List: “May 1, 2000

Recipe List: “May 1, 2000

Recipe List: “May 1, 2000

The Wild Game Supper at South Montgomery County Academy (SMCA) isn’t just about wild game. The school also hosted some wild appetites at its third annual supper last month in Grady.

Friends and supporters of the school worked diligently to prepare the buffet that attracted both local and visiting diners, bringing much-needed funds to the school. The proceeds will be used toward the most recent addition to the school, which houses the elementary classrooms.

Newton Rials, chairman of the SMCA Board, said the idea came from local outdoor enthusiast Derrick Deese. “He had attended similar events in other areas and thought it would really bring a crowd of people to the school if we had one” said Rials.

They were right. According to Rials, the school sold over 250 meal tickets this year. One alumnus said the event was special because it brought in new faces along with familiar ones. “It’s nice to see people without direct ties to the school making a contribution, too. People around here will help a good cause anytime, but especially when there’s good food involved,” he said.

The school hosted activities for hunters and non-hunters alike throughout the afternoon including a turkey shoot, turkey calling contest and a silent auction, but the food was by far the biggest attraction. The menu boasted over a dozen different meat, fish and poultry dishes along with traditional southern vegetables, fried cornbread and a wide variety of homemade pies and cakes. Some cooks closely guarded their game recipes, but others were happy to divulge the secrets for cooking native game.

Hunting is a rich part of Alabama’s heritage, and using the harvest wisely is a practice highly regarded by the community surrounding the Montgomery County school. Thanks to all the good stewards of the land who were gracious enough to share their recipes with our readers.