Recipes Recipe List: “May 15, 200

Recipe List: “May 15, 200

Recipe List: “May 15, 200

Whether you’re planning a picnic, a day at the lake or just having some friends over for a backyard barbecue, these recipes provide a new twist on the traditional summertime fare.

Try Doctored Beans (with apples and raisins) for a sweet and tangy departure from the ordinary. Or, spice up your deviled eggs with a little cayenne pepper. These dishes are sure to be a hit when combined with barbecue pork sandwiches featuring Willard and Dea Powe’s homemade sauce.

Other recipes from the cupboards of Alabama Farmers Federation members include Cabbage Salad and Cornbread Salad by Nella Dean Earnest of Walker County and a delicious peach pie from June Black of Marshall County.

Remember July is Pork Month in Alabama, so be sure to treat your guests to chops, kabobs and tenderloin. You can find hundreds of fantastic pork recipes at