Recipes May 2004 Neighbors

May 2004 Neighbors

May 2004 Neighbors

It could be that Vicki Harrison was a little biased in nominating Carol Sheridan of Sheffield as an outstanding candidate for “The Country Kitchen.” After all, Carol is Vicki’s mom. But indications are that if we were to poll others who know Carol and have enjoyed her good cooking-especially her out-of-this-world yeast rolls-they would unanimously back Carol’s candidacy.

Carol has cooked so much, for so many, and for so long, that the recipes for all of her most-requested dishes are stored in a mental file. At the urging of Vicki and her other three other daughters, though, she has slowly but surely started putting some of her classics down on paper, ensuring that her recipes will live on for generations.

Carol and her husband, Richard, are long-time residents of Sheffield. Carol was a full-time, stay-at-home mom to the four girls while Richard worked as a chemist with the Tennessee Valley Authority. Carol has always been an avid vegetable gardener, meaning that homegrown produce is on the table at nearly every meal. She and Richard also have fruit trees and honeybees that produce the sweetest honey you’ve ever tasted.

You won’t find any fancy, complicated recipes in this collection-just mouthwatering comfort foods that everybody will love.

Oh, and by the way. If you take a crack at Carol’s yeast rolls and yours are as tough as leather and don’t even remotely resemble hers, keep trying. She’s been making them since she was 13.