Recipes Recipe List: “August 1, 2

Recipe List: “August 1, 2

Recipe List: “August 1, 2

Sure, Frankie Davis said. She’d be delighted to look through her files and put together some recipes for the August “Country Kitchen.”

That was on a Sunday night.

By noon the next day, not only had Frankie decided on a fabulous assortment of culinary classics to share with you, but she’d typed them up in perfect recipe style and sent them to “The Kitchen” via e-mail.

When she says she’ll do something, consider it done—and done with a smile. This Dale County lady is one who’s happiest when she’s active, involved and doing for others.

Frankie and her husband, Wayne, are no strangers to most Alfa Farmers members. In the ’90s, Wayne served a three-year term on the State Board of Directors, and Frankie served for six years on the State Women’s Committee, including two terms as chairman—only the second two-term chairman in the committee’s history.

The Davises, who live in the Skipperville community, both are retired from civil service jobs at Fort Rucker. For years, Wayne pulled double duty, farming peanuts, cattle and timber in addition to his Rucker job. In “retirement,” he’s cut back to just managing his timberland, although he does have one awesome vegetable garden.

In the summertime, in fact, Wayne’s garden is the source of many all-vegetable meals for Frankie and Wayne.

“Fresh corn, fried okra, peas and butterbeans, sliced tomatoes and cornbread,” Frankie says. “As far as our family’s concerned, that’s the best supper you can have.”

“Family” includes Frankie and Wayne’s daughter and her husband, Beverly and Glenn Miller, whom the Davises often invite to stop in for a meal—especially now that the Millers’ two daughters, Beth and Amy, are gone from home. Beth is in Mobile, where she and her husband, Travis Rutland, are third-year medical students; Amy just moved to Dothan, where she works at a hospital and plans to enter nursing school later this year.

Now, you won’t find recipes for corn and peas and butterbeans in the ones Frankie shares with you here, but you’re going to be tickled with the ones she is passing along—including, for all of us who’ve tried, failed and given up, a guaranteed No-Fail Divinity recipe.