Recipes Spring 2003 Friends & Family

Spring 2003 Friends & Family

Spring 2003 Friends & Family

Springtime in Alabama means farmers markets and roadside stands soon will be brimming with fresh strawberries and other local produce.

To celebrate, “The Country Kitchen” has compiled a menu from Alabama Farmers Federation members which promises to take full advantage of the state’s diverse agricultural products.

For strawberry lovers, there’s a tangy Fruit Salsa that’s irresistible when teamed with Tortilla Crisps and Cream Cheese Dip featuring Alabama honey. And a little later in the season, blueberries, peaches and apples will be welcomed guests at the dinner table when you serve Blueberry-Banana Pound Cake, Easiest Fruit Cobbler or Fresh Apple Cake with Buttermilk Sauce.

Of course, no one wants to spend all their time in the kitchen when it’s warm outside, so our chefs also have included some quick-and-easy recipes that are perfect for families on the go. Make the seasoning mix ahead of time, and you can be enjoying homemade tacos in minutes. And when that last cold spell hits, try a pot of creamy Potato Soup. It’s sure to be a hit.