Recipes Recipe List: “December 1,

Recipe List: “December 1,

Recipe List: “December 1,

Behold the Power of Cheese, proclaims the American dairy industry in its current ad campaign promoting the universally popular food item.

And, indeed, you will be mesmerized by the powerful collection of delicious cheese recipes below.

Of course, cheese is one of the most versatile foods around. You can enjoy it as-is or as the key ingredient in everything from salads and breads to entrees and desserts.

But because the dairy industry’s “Behold the power of Cheese” campaign runs through Super Bowl Sunday, most of the following recipes feature irresistible cheese-filled party fare perfect for your Super Bowl bash. They come your way courtesy of several Alabama Farmers Federation members across the state.

The two unusual grilled cheese sandwich recipes, however, were among the top winners in the American Dairy Association’s recent national “”Behold the Power of Grilled Cheese”” sandwich contest. The tantalizing fondue recipe comes from an Internet website devoted entirely to cheese. It’s at