Recipes Country Kitchen 2012 June Neighbors/F & F

Country Kitchen 2012 June Neighbors/F & F

Country Kitchen 2012 June Neighbors/F & F

The Alabama Pork Producers annual cooking contest challenges cooks across the state to share their most appetizing pork recipes for cash prizes, and from ribs and roasts to sausage and bacon, it seems every family has at least one pork dish that’s a staple.

Be it the crisp cornerstone of a hearty breakfast or saucy pulled pork for a crowd, outstanding dishes from the 2012 county pork cooking competitions showcase pork’s versatility and flavor.

Patricia Windsor of Coosa County says she’s been making Bar-B-Que Pork Loin for her family for years and loves the recipe’s simplicity.

“My grandkids don’t care for traditional barbecue, but they like this plain on a bun without any additional sauce. I made it not long ago for a family get-together and out of the whole loin, I only had enough left over for one good sandwich,” said Patricia.

And the lack of prep-work makes this barbecue a breeze for any cook.

“We have a smoker, and I can’t tell you the last time we used it. With actual fire and coals, you can turn your back a few minutes and ruin the meat, but with this in the slow cooker, you don’t have to worry about a thing. And with the simple sauce, the meat doesn’t even need salt,” she explained.

With summertime in full swing, cooks find themselves looking for ways to beat the heat in the kitchen and enjoy the great outdoors. Jennifer Dickerson’s Bacon and Tomato Dip combines the salty goodness of crisp bacon with fresh tomato for a cool and creamy dip that took top-honors in Lauderdale County.

“My mother-in-law Nancy Dickerson is known for being a wonderful cook and is a big reason I love to cook, so it seems a little funny to say I got this recipe in the grocery store, but that’s where I found it,” Jennifer said.

While shopping for produce, Jennifer said she saw the recipe on the back of a package of red and yellow peppers.

“The recipe itself only calls for green peppers, but it sounded delicious. I had been looking for something new to try for the recipe contest, and I really hadn’t thought about using bacon until I saw this dip,” Jennifer recalled.

Several more winning recipes feature pork chops and roasts and are posted on the Federation’s website at