Recipes Recipe List: “July 1, 200

Recipe List: “July 1, 200

Recipe List: “July 1, 200

If you appreciate and delight in great food—especially sensational sweets—Brenda Jones of Madison County has put together a recipe collection you’re going to love. Not only do these “Country Kitchen” recipes yield scrumptious results, but they’re quick and easy, to boot.

“All of my recipes are short and simple,” Brenda says. “I do love to cook, but I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.”

These recipes just taste like she did. They’ll give you the same results: minimal effort, maximum taste.

Brenda and her husband, Roger, live in New Market, right near the Tennessee line. Their daughter, Carol Ann, is a college student and lives at home; their two sons, Jeff and Greg, and their families—including Brenda and Roger’s five grandchildren—live no more than five minutes away. The close proximity of family, especially those grandkids, could explain why Brenda seems to cook as much now as she ever did.

Roger, a life-long farmer, used to have cattle and grow cotton. In recent years, though, he’s shifted his farming focus to the horticultural realm, producing wheat straw and working with Jeff and Greg in their nursery and sod-farm operations. The Joneses long have been active Farmers Federation members. Both Brenda and Roger serve on the Madison County Federation’s Board of Directors, and Brenda is chairman of the county Women’s Committee—and has been for fifteen years. Now that’s dedication.

As you’ll see, Brenda pulled most of this month’s “Country Kitchen” recipes from her dessert files—after all, she says, dessert-making is by far the most enjoyable part of cooking—but she has thrown in a couple of super simple casseroles that are must-haves at every Jones family get-together.