Recipes March 2003 Neighbors

March 2003 Neighbors

March 2003 Neighbors

If Glenda Cardwell were to buy herself some roller skates, she probably could write them off on her income taxes as a business deduction.

Her job as billing clerk for the Coosa County town of Rockford keeps her plenty busy in and of itself, but add on her responsibilities as town librarian, and you can guess that Glenda’s a woman on the move. Fortunately for her, the utility department and the public library are both housed in Rockford Town Hall, along with the town’s police department, mayor’s office and council chambers.

The proximity of the two offices is how she wound up with two jobs.

“I started working as billing clerk 20 years ago, and a year after I started, the librarian retired,” Glenda said. “The council didn’t really want to hire another employee right then, so they asked me if I’d mind doing both.”

Glenda lives about five miles out of Rockford with Ricky, her high school sweetheart and husband of 31 years. Ricky’s a forest management consultant who years ago—back when Glenda stayed home with the couple’s now-grown children, Amanda and Darrell—used to enjoy waking up to big country, home-cooked breakfasts.

“But when I started working full time, he had to get over that real quick,” Glenda said.

Outside of work, Glenda is active in a number of organizations, including the Coosa County Farmers Federation Women’s Committee, which she’s headed up for several years. So, although she doesn’t hate to cook, she admits that these days, if it isn’t quick and easy, forget it.

That’s the beauty of the recipes she shares in this month’s “Country Kitchen.” Every one of these can be put together and ready for the oven in mere minutes.