Recipes Recipe List: “November 1,

Recipe List: “November 1,

Recipe List: “November 1,

When James and Martha Newby’s clan gathers at their Limestone County home for Thanksgiving dinner, it is some kind of spread.

Family members bring an assortment of mouth-watering salads, casseroles and desserts that are long-time favorites at the family celebration. But the true centerpiece of the meal is, undeniably, the dressing.

More specifically, it’s Mrs. Newby’s dressing, which, the family insists, is the best cornbread dressing in the world.

Now, for the first time ever, Mrs. Newby, the mother of Alfa Farmers President Jerry Newby, has written down her dressing recipe. It wasn’t an easy task, she says, because in all her years of making dressing, she’s never measured the ingredients. “But I believe what I’ve written down comes pretty close,” she says.

The Newbys’ daughter, Susan Newby Ming, and two daughters-in-la–Martha, wife of son Jimmy, and Jerry’s wife, Dianne–have been after Mrs. Newby for years to write out her recipe, and they’re thrilled that she’s finally done that. But don’t expect any of them to try to bump Mrs. Newby for the job. As long as she’s willing, Mrs. Newby will remain the queen dressing-maker.

Following is that prized recipe from Mrs. Newby, along with recipes for some of the other dishes (including the turkey) that the Newby family will enjoy as they observe Thanksgiving 1999.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the Newbys–and from all the folks at Neighbors.